Show Your Dad How Sweet He Is on Fathers Day With This Big Red Cake

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Here in Texas, and especially within the Hispanic community we’ve got a favorite soda. This soft drink was the official first ‘red cream soda’ and is now called Big Red. The cream soda is very smooth and while it’s great on its own – it can be used in a unique cake that’ll be sure to punch out any sweet tooth you may have. My mother has been using this recipe for quite a long time, since I was a child, and has only refined it over time. Now, you get the perfected recipe through trial and error, and while you can sometimes find a Big Red cake at the stores, I promise you, those do not hold a candle to this.


  • 1 box of super moist yellow cake
  • 1 12oz. can of Big Red (and possibly a few more to drink while you bake!)
  • 1 3oz. package of cherry Jell-O
  • 1 3oz. package of instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 8oz tub of whipped topping


  • Sliced strawberries to garnish on top of the cake
  • Chopped pecans to garnish the top of the cake to your liking


  1. Bake the cake according to the directions of the box you chose.
  2. Once the cake is baked, take it out and let it sit at room temperature to cool down while you work on the next steps.
  3. If your whipped topping is stored in a freezer, take it out and put it to the side so it can start defrosting.
  4. While the whipped topping is coming up to temp and the cake is cooling off, make your instant vanilla pudding according to the boxed instructions. The directions should show you how to make the pudding in 5-minutes.
  5. Once the pudding is complete, place it in the fridge to cool off, and begin sporadically poking holes in your cake using the handle side of a wooden spoon so. Push down on the cake gently to make the holes, but press down until you hit the bottom of your pan.
  6. In a medium-size bowl (my mom just uses a large cup around 32oz.) pour in your can of Big Red. Next, slowly pour in your cherry Jell-O while whisking the mixture.
  7. When the liquid is completely mixed together, pour the liquid all over the cake, then set it aside.
  8. Now, get your pudding back out of the fridge and begin folding in the whipped topping into the pudding. Once they’re incorporated, spread evenly over the top of your cake.
  9. If you opted to garnish your cake with strawberries, pecans, or both – you’d add them in this step.
  10. Finally, place the cake back into the fridge and let it cool for about an hour. Serve while cold, and keep it in the fridge.


Take this cake to your next pot luck, get-together, party, or celebrate your Father this upcoming Father’s Day. I’m sure he’d appreciate it, and if you don’t live in Texas you’d get a double treat since you’ve probably never heard of Big Red and can try something new, and if you’re from Texas – you’ll probably appreciate it all the more. Thanks, mom for this amazing recipe, it’ll always be one of my favorites!

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