Simple Homemade Dill Pickles

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This pickle recipe is one of my favorites!   I came across these pickles at a family/friends get together.  It was our first BIG get together in a while due to Covid (gross) and everyone staying distant (facetime was the new thing).  The restrictions had been lifted for about two weeks and we had some friends from out of state staying with us.

I remember we were all so excited to get together and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

There was SO much food from beer can chicken and mash potatoes to a watermelon feta salad and grilled roman lettuce that just the smells made your mouth water.

I was talking about cooking, which is one of my favorite things to do, with a family friend.  He asked me if I have ever done any canning or pickling.  My reply was no way!  I don’t have the time and pressure cooking is not my thing!

He told me about these pickles that don’t involve any pressure cooking, were super easy to make, and gave me some to try.  These pickles were probably my favorite thing out of everything there.

He gave me the recipe and we scheduled a day for me to come over so he could show me how to make them!  They are SO easy to make that I typically make a batch while I’m making dinner and I’m not even good at multitasking!  They aren’t your typical dill pickle with a little bit of sweet in them.

These are a one of a kind, make your mouth water, salty goodness with a little bit of a bite depending on how much jalapeño you use!  Since I started making these pickles, they are the only kind I keep in my fridge!  These pickles are great on burgers, sandwiches, salads, and really anything or just by themselves really!


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