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To bean or not to bean, that is the question! Honestly, I have never understood the big debate here. Chili isn’t a chili without chili beans, but that’s probably just me. Anyhow, in case you didn’t read the title, this is going to be a chili-dawgs recipe. Yes, I know I am spelling dog, dawg, but honestly, I want you to read it the way I saw it, like Dawg. Not like that judge from American Idol, but like that kid from down south asking his mom if he can “pet that dawg”.

I chose chili-dogs because it’s football season and nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes better on game day than garbage food such as chili dogs, nachos, hot-wings, or pizza! Just recently me and my family went for the chili-dawgs because I am turkeyed out. After days of leftovers it’s time to cook something fresh(ish) and tasty!

I could give you a chili recipe, but really, I just use the canned stuff. Sadly, I am not paid to say which brand I use and since it’s not available in all of the continental USA, it’s best you just use your own favorite of the canned stuff. I am very, very particular about my canned chili and I eat one kind. When I lived for a couple years in Texas I discovered my favorite brand wasn’t sold in the area and I had to order it from Amazon, but they were out. I didn’t give up though, I just called my little brother and begged him to ship me out some of the chili cans.

Best brother ever.

Anyhow, getting down to business. You need to determine how many you are cooking for. I usually cook for about 4-6 people, so we’ll go with 6 on this one.

Chili Dawgs

  1. 4 14oz cans of chili of your choice
  2. 1 package of all beef hotdogs (most come in packages of 8)
  3. 1 package of hot dog buns
  4. 1 diced white or yellow onion (don’t use red/purple onions for this, they have their place, but chili dawgs ain’t it)
  5.  2 tbsp minced onions (that’s the spice jar full of dried up or dehydrated ones)
  6. 3 cups of grated cheese
  7. 1 tub of sour cream
  • First thing your gonna do is get your chili into a big saucepan. Cook it on medium heat until it looks like it’s bubbling (I’ve been informed that’s a soft boil, whatever that means). Then put in your minced onions. Trust me, this gives the can some added flavor and it won’t be overwhelming with the fresh ones, I promise.
  • While your chili is cooking, boil some water. Once the water has reached a hard boil, go ahead and let your hotdogs enjoy the jacuzzi for however long your package suggests. (My brand has me go for about 8 minutes). Once time is up, strain the water out and add your hot dogs to the chili and let that pot full of chili and hotdogs simmer.
  • Next you’ll want to take out your hotdog buns, butter the insides and then toss them in the oven on low broil and pull them out as soon as they are just barely crispy or the butter has toasted lightly. Again, broil cooks things like bread very quickly. You will want to watch it closely or it will make your food into black ash and probably cause a fire… Not that I’d know anything about that.
  • Now that everything is cooked up, grab your plate or bowl, put down your bun or buns, add your dawgs and then smother in chili. Don’t forget to top with your grated cheese, your freshly diced onions, or a dollop of sour cream.

(I’m going to have to take a great picture of my next chili dogs, because none of these show near enough chili in the picture. Also they mostly show the wrong onions and their buns aren’t properly toasted either. Also, what’s with the mustard? Seriously, go look up chili dog photos, it’s gross.)



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