Tart and Tasty Lemon Pie

I am not a pie person… I know, how can someone live in this great nation of ours and not love pie??  Or even like it a little? The saying goes; “As American as apple pie”… There are plenty of other pies that you see represented too, cherry pie, rhubarb pie, banana cream pie. But I feel like Lemon Pie gets overlooked, and you know what? It’s my favorite!

It’s probably my favorite because by great grandma would make it and let me lick the spoons. It’s probably how my love of tart flavors came about too!

To me, there is just something about homemade lemon pie…

“Lemon Pie”


  • Heat egg yolks slowly to avoid getting scrambled eggs!
  • You can push the pie filling mixture through a strainer if you are worried about lumps
  • You can pipe the meringue for a more polished look, just make sure there are peaks!



9” Store bought flaky pie crust


2 Cups water

2 Tbsp Cornstarch (heaping)

1 Tbsp Butter

1 C. Sugar plus 3 Tbsp

1 Lemon rind Grated

Juice of 1 Large lemon

3 Eggs



  1. Separate Eggs
  2. Heat in a double boiler; egg yolks, lemon rind and lemon juice – stirring consistently.
  3. Once egg mixture is to temperature, slowly add the water, cornstarch sugar mixture – stirring until sugar is dissolved
  4. Finish with the butter and stir off the heat until combined fully
  5. You should have a thick mixture
  6. Pour into pie shell
  7. Make the Meringue
  8. Mix Egg Whites until mixture combines and thickens
  9. Slowly add 3 Tbsp. of sugar until stiff peaks form and sugar is dissolved
  10. Spread gently over pie filling and dab with spoon to get peaks in the meringue
  11. Bake at 300° until peaks turn golden brown
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