Peach Jam

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Peach Jam is quite the treat to stick on top of a biscuit in the middle of summer. Taking those sweet juicy Peaches and turning them into sunshine in a jar is the most delicious thing and the most wonderful thing in the middle of winter. Peach season is coming up in the next couple of months here’s a wonderful recipe to help you get the most out of your peaches.


  • 3 and 3/4 cups crushed Peaches which is about 3 pounds of Peaches
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 package of powdered pectin
  • 5 cups of sugar
  • an eighth of a teaspoon of powdered cloves is optional
  • an eighth of a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon is optional
  • an eighth of a teaspoon of powdered ginger is optional
  • an eighth of a teaspoon of powdered nutmeg is optional
  • a boiling water bath canner
  • Kerr or Ball half pint or pint jars
  • a jar funnel and jar lifter
  • lids and rings for pints and half pints
  • a skimming spoon
  • A damp rag with vinegar


  1. Sterilize canning jars while preparing the peaches.
  2. Sort and wash the fully ripe peaches. Remove stems, skins, and pits. Place peach parts into a blender and blend on high.
  3. Measure the crushed peaches into the pot. Add the lemon juice and pectin. Place on high heat and stir constantly. Add sugar.
  4. Bring to a full rolling boil for one minute stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and skim.
  5. Fill hot sterilized jars with hot jam immediately using the jar funnel. make sure to leave at least 1/2 inch of headspace from the top of the jar.
  6. Clear off jar rims with the damp rag and vinegar. Place lids and rings on top of the jars two finger tight.
  7. Use the jar lifter or to place the jars in a boiling water bath. The water should be over an inch above the tops of the jars when boiling.
  8. Process half pints or pints for five minutes at zero to 1000 feet above sea level, 10 minutes for 1001 feet to 6000 feet above sea level, and for 15 minutes at 6000 feet above sea level.


  • Use a washcloth inside of a large pot to keep jars from clanging if you don’t have a proper boiling water bath canner.
  • Use a jar lifter whenever removing jars from the boiling pot of water.
  • Up to 1/4 teaspoon of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger can be used according to your taste. Spices do not have to be used at all if you prefer a plain peach jam.
  • It is not necessary to blend the Peaches before placing them in the pot. Peaches can be cut into cubes and heated while being smashed with a spoon instead. The blender simply makes it quicker to can the peach jam.
  • Choose peaches which are firm but will give when squished a little bit. Peaches which are too hard or green will make the jam sour.
  • Peaches are typically available June through August at roadside vendors throughout the South. Finding a good local small farmer for your peaches can make sure that they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides.


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