Just a Little Pun for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Psst! Thanksgiving is coming up soon, whether you believe it or not. That means it’s time to ensure the food is ready, the guest list is set, and the house is in great shape for the family. Thanksgiving is about food, but it’s also about having fun, and what’s more fun than a good joke? It helps us find things we have in common as we laugh together over a delicious meal. If you need something to make you laugh, these Thanksgiving puns are just what you need.

The funny food puns below have a little bit of everything: they are clever, corny, and make you hungry. You’ll see what I mean. They may not make everyone laugh, but I guarantee that a father who loves to tell dad jokes will be ROFLing. 

Turkey Puns

  •  We all have something in common with the turkey today: We’re stuffed.
  •  Please raise your gobble gobble goblets for a Thanksgiving toast!
  •  This turkey is all carved up! Do you suspect fowl play?
  •  Don’t make fun of the turkey—it’s been roasted enough today.
  •  I love when you talk turkey to me.
  •  We’re serving the turkey’s favorite dessert this year: peach gobbler!
  •  Don’t let any Thanksgiving turkey go to baste.
  •  Hey, that turkey wishbone is doing its best—give it a break.
  •  Don’t stare at the turkey dressing. You’ll make him blush!
  •  We’re trading in the Christmas tree for poul-tree this year.
  •  Don’t let the turkey fool you. He’s got a Baste of Spades in his giblets.
  •  Can someone pick up the turkey’s phone? It’s winging.
  •  Goodness gracious, great gobbles of fire!

Pie Puns

  •  Pecan do it!
  •  You’re the apple of my pie.
  •  Slice, slice, baby.
  •  Bye, bye, Miss Thanksgiving pie.
  •  It’s the pie of the tiger. It’s the thrill of the bite.
  •  Baking memories, one holiday at a time.
  •  I’ve got my pie set on you.
  •  In pie we crust.
  •  Hooked on a filling.

Thanksgiving Food Puns

  •  Gravy, I love your way.
  •  It’s all or stuffing with the Thanksgiving feast.
  •  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a yam!
  •  Not to get too corny, but this Thanksgiving food is amaizeing.
  •  I’m all corn up inside.
  •  Bready for seconds!
  •  We’re having a yam-good time.
  •  Don’t forget to squash up for Thanksgiving dinner.
  •  Let’s get basted this Thanksgiving!
  •  There’s just pumpkin about the way you look tonight.

Just in case you were looking for a recipe, you can click here for a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey! Or just use our new search bar for some more tasty recipes!

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