Deviled Eggs in the Instant Pot

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If you have read some of my previous recipes you already know how much I love the Instant Pot.  It saves time, it’s perfect for lazy cooks like myself, and most importantly, it saves my sanity!  Who here has lost there ever-lovin’ mind when trying to peel boiled eggs without them looking like a porcupine rolled all over them?  This lady right here, I tell you true.  I have tried every secret known to man, woman, and website.  “Don’t use fresh eggs.”  “Add vinegar to the water.”  “Add baking soda to the water.”  “Shake the egg in a glass.” Let me save you some time and tell you that they don’t work.  There are some eggs that will come out perfectly, and some that are a lost cause.  But the Instant Pot!  I would pay double the price for the pot just for boiling eggs alone.  Without exaggerating, (because I never do that), every single egg comes out perfect.  And as often as I make deviled eggs, this has saved my sanity.

This is a classic dish that is made for every holiday and picnic.  It can be tweaked to suit your tastes.  It can be made simple or as fancy as you want.  I’m not a fancy type of gal.  If it tastes good, I couldn’t care less what it looks like.  I know, I know, they say everyone eats with their eyes.  Well, I’m an exception to the rule.  I eat with my mouth.  If you want to goggle at the food, go for it.  I will be eating the last egg before you blink.  I’ve babbled enough.  Let’s get to the recipe.


  • 6 eggs (I always double this recipe.  12 halves is never enough for my family.)
  • 1 cup water (This amount stays the same no matter if you double or triple the recipe.)
  • 3 Tbsp mayo (All of these measurements are approximate, just taste as you go.)
  • 1 tsp white vinegar (or pickle juice)
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place eggs in the Instant Pot, on the trivet, along with the cup of water. (Be sure to use the trivet.  If you place the eggs on the bottom they will get burn marks on the whites, which is ugly.  I know I said I don’t eat with my eyes, but even this southern gal has her limits.  If it looks like it has mold on it, I’m not touching it, let alone stick in my mouth.)
  2. Pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. (The time stays the same even if you double the recipe.  It does not change.)
  3. Natural release for 5 minutes.
  4. Quick release.
  5. Immediately place eggs in a bowl of ice water and let them cool for 5 minutes.  (Are you seeing a trend here?  Makes it easy to remember.)
  6. Peel eggs.  Go ahead, do that happy jig!  I know y’all want to after the first egg just slides right out of its shell!
  7. Cut eggs in half lengthwise and place yolks in mixing bowl.
  8. Add the mayo, mustard, vinegar (or pickle juice), salt and pepper.
  9. Mix with fork, mashing up the yolk as you stir.  Or if you want to be fancy and use a piping bag, then you may want to use a mixer to make it more smooth, otherwise the chunks may clog the pipe.  I just use a ziplock baggie and cut the corner.  It won’t clog that way.
  10. Pipe, spoon or squirt the yolk mixture into the halved eggs.
  11. Top with paprika and serve immediately.  I find that if I don’t serve immediately, a lot of the eggs end up missing.

You can add many things to this recipe.  This is just basic (my preferred way).  I have seen people add diced pickle, or even caviar. I don’t understand the caviar, perhaps because I’m a Plain Jane, but why put fish eggs on top of chicken eggs?

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